Our butcher department sources whole steers and pigs from Robinson Family Farm ranch in Bedford, WY. All RFFR livestock is 100% Grassfed, all natural, antibiotic free, and no added hormones. We also source whole hereford steers from Lockhart Cattle Company, located here in Jackson Hole!  All Lockhart beef is 100% Grass fed/finished, no antibiotics, no added hormones.

All of our grain finished beef, poultry, pork and seafood is of the highest quality we can find. We’re dedicated to sourcing responsibly raised, fished, harvested protein. We can special order just about anything you need so don’t be afraid to ask!

Butcher Facts


All Natural Angus, No animal byproducts in feed, no hormones, no antibiotics – grass fed, grain finished. Sourced exclusively from Wyoming Ranches.


Located 60 miles south of Jackson Hole.
Beef: 100% Grassfed/Finished, no grain or supplement feeds, no antibiotics, no hormones
Pork: 80% grass/forage/garden – 20% rolled barely, no antibiotics, no hormones

Local Family owned and operated
Born, Raised, and Butchered in Jackson Hole
100% Grass Fed and Finished
No added hormones, no antibiotics
Delivered Fresh every 2-3 days.
In support of global marine fisheries that are sustainable, we try our best to source seafood from fisheries that are not harmful to ocean ecosystems. We typically retail the following: tombo (albacore) tuna, opah, Pacific rockfish, Dover Sole, Wild Columbia River and Wild Alaskan salmon (variety, and when in season), Scottish (farm-raised) steelhead.  If you have any particular requests, inquiries, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know!